dizizpammie (princesspammie) wrote in egl,

Picture post... :)

We had a mini mini meeting at my place this week.
The lovely cedecode and boeru came around for some tea and fun. :)

We started with some lovely tea and some home baked ( and some not so home baked ) goods...

cedecode made some yummie scones so we absolutely needed a picture! :)

We even had Loli napkins ( yeah we are hardcore!!!)

boeru was still hungry so she decided to eat her strawberry socks *lick lick*

Me and the bunny bag agreed on the fact that the food was good! :P

Do you
cedecode take boeru to be your wife? Through sickness and welth? Don't they make a lovely couple?

Who said you're petti needs to be under your skirt hm?

Boeru and me say KAWAIIIIIIII!

Then we went for a little walk in my garden ( well not really mine I have to share it with all the other people who live in the same block but it was ours for the the time being mwaahahaha )

Were people leave there bra's XD

Eeeps a spider!

Then suddenly two angels went down from the sky....

Don't mess with the evil

Under my umbrella..ella..ella ( I absolutely hate that song! ) :P

cedecode is showing us the famous lolita pose ( please don't try this at home unless you are an elite!) XD


And then I had a break down...;)

hmm what's that girl upto?

Oh NOOOOOOOS! Hide your children!

Worshipping the tree

Bloomers shot!!! ( aren't they fancy I love em!!)

I am going to be the first loli who is going to win the tour the France!

Dreaming about prince charming


Absolutely no comment!

Yeah baby yeah!!

Huh? What are you saying? Mana is actually a guy? You got to be kidding me!

What about a little kiss?

Hello? Anyone there?

And don't you dare making any bad comments! We know were to find you! ;)

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