Pal♥ma (roriikat) wrote in egl,

Sizing help!

I know Baby and Meta runs at about a size 8. Is there anyone out there (size 2 or 0) that have had a jumper or one piece successfully altered? By a professional seamstress? Is this a possibility? :(

I've been casually into the sweet lolita style (non brand) and I'm highly interested in going all out and purchasing a jumper or a sleeveless one piece, possibly, as wedding dress for a simple summer wedding next year.

Is this an impossibility? XD Especially with all the detailing on the dresses? In the past I've had dresses altered for New Years', Prom, etc.. But only from about a size 4 to a size 2 in the bust area. ;_;

I have seen one dress listed on Baby as petite.. Does anyone know the exact size? Would anyone recommend a different brand for smaller girls? I can't imagine that all Japanese girls are about a size 8 :I

Please let me know if this post violates the community rules.

Thanks in advance!!! :D
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