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Boyfriends etc.

1)How does EGL feel about boyfriends, etc?
2)How would one go about making above mentioned arm-candy dress up pretty without making him feel foppish?? >.>

I sometimes don't feel very lolita when I hang out with my boyfriend. >.> But that might be because he thinks i'm silly... and wears jeans and grey shirts that are too big for him (even though they're small, and that makes ME think that HE is silly >.>)
 (okay he has some OK clothes... but that's not what he usually wears ;.; )
 He's made comments about SOME things (poet shirts, fedoras, waking sticks/ canes... pirates) looking cool... but I don't really have any Idea of what to show him...  because otherwise his taste makes me cry on the inside.

and I think sewing for him would be a little... I don't really want to. (embarrassing)  Maybe shirts... but yeah... *ramble*

Personal information on him is as such: Fairly tall (five foot, seven-ish) fairly bald (not by choice,) mutton chops, 26-looking 30, going through wardrobe mid-life cris. XD

anyway, What doe EGL think, please!

(looked through archives for boyfriend/ man-candy/Husband/dating stuff, but didn't SEE anything...)


Insted of replying individualy, I suppose I should mention his own dislike of wearing jeans with grey shirts almost all the time. He likes to dress up - but has close to nothing and is kinda... uncoordinated on his opinon of things that are cool (note back to midlife crisis bit) and when he DOES find things that are "cool" - he has nothign to wear them with >.> (EX. $50 pair of skull creepers that don't go with anything he currently owns, $30 Navy lace-up pants he bought because he thought were cool... the almost-bought $90 tensil-woven tartan shirt that made me cry on the inside... etc. I've told him the pants would look cool with his shoes, but not listening...)

I don't want to CHANGE him, but since he's unhappy with his stuff, I'd like to get him into something that looks nice, but isn't "office" clothing - because he HATES that with a burning passion.

For those who have left neato places to look for things and great ideas for him to find snazzy stuff - thanks <3

(omg i make no sense! >.< )
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