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Otakon Tea Party (Last Update!)

Well, the time is almost here--in only a few short days it'll be time for Otakon again! This post is just a reminder to those planning to attend the tea party at Teavolve when/where it is, and to organize some sort of "getting there" solution.

Who: All of the people who RSVPed! There are 19 of us, so it will be a decent crowd.
What: An elegant yet casual luncheon/tea event
Where: Teavolve, in Fells Point. 1705 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21231
When: Friday 12 (noon)- 2pm (though I will have to leave a bit earlier than that to get back in time for my gofer shift)
Why: To take a break from pre-con hassles and to get in the mood for the convention
Extra Notes: Please check out this post on my journal to get my phone number if you'll need it.

Also! I mentioned this before and there was some interest: does anyone want to do a cab buddy system? The tea house is more than a mile away from the convention center, and I would really feel uncomfortable if anyone tried to walk there. I know I'm planning to catch a cab, as I'm a lazybones, but if anyone wants to plan to meet up and share fares, this is the place to organize that. I'll be at the Charles Street Entrance at 11:15, if anyone wants to ride with me. I'd love the company, as I'm not really comfortable with cabs. If you do plan to ride with someone, please be prompt, or don't whine when you're left behind!

Again, please try to make it to one of the three Lolita/Japanese Fashion panels this year! They're all run by members of the community, and many of our members will be modeling in them, so please come out and show your support!
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