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A MD loli in PA

The Pennsylvania lolitas invited the Maryland lolitas to join them for a stroll at Longwood Gardens, but due to circumstances, only I made it up. The 2 hour drive was definitely worth it. Everyone was well dressed and awfully sweet. The scenery was in one word, breathtaking. It was a beautiful day to boot.

(Please use the slideshow for the complete set of pictures in full effect and bigger.)

We met at the visitor's center, and walked over to the main gardens.

After massive picture taking at the gazebo. We skip ahead to the Italian Water Garden.

So pristine.

Pink! Both handmade. Immaculate work really.

Unconventional colors. Handmade and BTSSB.

The florals. sakurafairy being her amazing self and tropigalia looking beautiful in IW. Tyler's definitely one of my sewing idols, and I've always wanted hair like Mary's. So cool to finally get a chance to talk to them in a relaxed setting.

Oops, I just realized I didn't take a picture of the gothic lolitas. Maybe someone else can fill in the gap.

The whispering wall. If you sit at one end, you can hear clearly what the person on the other end is saying. But apparently so can everyone else, as I embarrassed myself throughly.

After our late lunch, (sorry no pics, not very lolita except for that large slice of cake I demolished), we went to the largest fountains.

I had a mint in my mouth, and made all kinds of weird expressions. Note to self, never slouch in chairs again.

Tyler's profile is so elegant.

On to the indoor gardens. I don't remember what it's called, but it reminded me so much of the Glass Palace in Emma, it's just referred to that in my head from now on.

I abuse Kev by making him do funny poses.

Nick reaching for the forbidden grapefruit.

You have to see these scenery pictures in the biggest setting possible to sense the grandeur of it all. I think this is definitely my favorite place in the whole garden.

The Grand Ballroom

Everyone was feeling up the walls. It was made out of fabric.

Whisper whisper.

Where Tyler and Nick shared a waltz, as I giggled like a crazy person.
"Tyler I didn't know you could waltz."
"I can't, Nick's leading."
"Dip dip dip!"
"Can't, maybe if it was swing or something."
"Twirl then?" (They try the dip anyhow. Lol.)

The waterlily garden.

Such a cool tree. Curtains of roots.

Off to see the fountains we saw in the distance earlier.

A water fountain that you're suppose to drink from. I tried it out and it was wonderful. Very refreshing after walking around for a few hours.

The Chimes tower is where we lost the rest of the group. XD

This little girl came up to me at the fountains and wanted to take a picture with me, and then kept following me around. Lol, reminds me of my little sisters.

Kev at the Topiary Garden doing hard work rearranging the decor.

Bunny pig?

The end.

There's tons more I didn't include, so please check out the flickr set!!!

I met some really awesome people. I can't wait to see them again at Otakon. I'm really sorry that none of the other MD lolis could come, but I definitely wouldn't mind going again. So maybe next roadtrip?
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