Nightmare Carnival [ ハート は 万華鏡 ] (addictive_sugar) wrote in egl,
Nightmare Carnival [ ハート は 万華鏡 ]

bloomers, drawers, pettipants

totally n00b-ish question again. you may e-slap me if you feel the urge to.

what's the difference between bloomers, drawers and pettipants?
is the only difference the length? if so, which length qualifies as each of them?

yes i did use the memories and lj-seek yaddayadda almost nothing came up. :[

i found this: Actually, drawers are meant to be hidden under your skirts, while bloomers (named after Amelia Bloomer who popularized the fashion of wearing bloomers instead of skirts) are meant to be worn like really poofy pants, for women. In this sense, bloomers should reach your ankels, while drawers are generally a bit shorter, but the actual length depends on the person wearing them.
but it doesn't really apply to lolita least i hope nobody intends to try wearing ankle-length bloomers with lolita lulz.

and this: Drawers can look like bloomers, but are underwear. You still wear underwear under your bloomers.
which came out of nowhere o_o;

it seems that bloomers are short while drawers are long, but then i still wonder what pettipants are.

also, LOL @ 'In addition, bicycling might not only lead women to dangerous, unsafe places in—gasp!—open, public spaces, it might also lead to masturbation.' [/OT]

thanks for any help you can provide! ♥
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