Cecilia (cecemarie) wrote in egl,

Another BABY+paypal query

I feel stupid asking about BABY's paypal, since in the search engine there were a few posts about it, and even a little tutorial, but they didn't seem to answer this question so I thought I'd ask anyway.

I use my boyfriend's brother's Paypal to buy anything online (I'm still pushing the boyfriend to get one for me to use DX) so I don't deal with paypal directly. I ordered during the week, got my reply from BABY, and we were going to pay tomorrow, but I don't know what to tell BABY after that. Just "I payed!", or do I need to (find out, and) give them his paypal address as well? And... anything else?
Bah, such a simple question.. I probably did miss something in the search.

Every other time I've used his Paypal it's been through a cart, but this time it's just paypal to paypal, and through e-mail. It's a little scary to be honest XD

Thank you ^^;

Resolved; for anyone with the same sort of query lurking around.. Product code and your name in the Paypal comment box is the answer I got. Thanks asa_chan!
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