Sugar Sugar (patch_coat) wrote in egl,
Sugar Sugar

So I ordered some Rocking horse shoes from Ling Lam, and I got an e-mail saying she'd processed the payment on Tuesday, July 10th.

So how long does it usually take for the shoes to arrive? (I'm an impatient little beast. o-O; )

Also, I've heard that some people have had trouble with her in the past, so when is it time to open a PayPal dispute, just in case? I read over the What To Do If You Are Scammed On Ebay  thing, but it was kind of unclear as to when you should open a dispute.

Also, lolita/egl Winamp skins. Anyone know where to find any?

Thanks ever so much, and when I FINALLY have my RHS, expect pictures. Lots of pictures.

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