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Peace Now Happy Pack

I got my Peace Now happy pack the other day and after a run through the wash (I think Canada Post had them in the rain, they smelt a little uh damp) I wore some today to see Harry Potter.

I would have taken pics at the the theatre and such, but we were pressed for time and probably wouldn't have gotten anything good there anyway. XD
They had the simpsons couch like in dykestars pics, but they had it roped off, you weren't allowed to sit on it :(

Anyways, I wanted to do more interesting poses and such, but my boyfriend is a baaad photographer so they didn't work, bah. I also did not add a lot of accessories because I didn't want to go overboard today, so yep. My hair is messy on purpose as well :P

ALSO, if the mods feel that this outfit is not okay, I will gladly delete this thread. I just thought it might be okay since it's related ^^;

The back. There was apparently a piece of paper stuck to my bum D:

Obligatory scowling face.

Silly face caught in the middle of moving XD

Other things I got in my pack were:
A long sleeves white shirt with red stitching with butterflies, spiderwebs and engrish.
A gauze-y black skirt.
A gauze-y white shirt with a skull on the back, it says "Real World".
A black hoodie with a neat collar, it has a design and some kanji on the front in white embroidery.

All in all I'm happy with the pack :D

Oh yeah, the outfit I'm wearing:
Shirt: Peace Now
Shorts: Peace Now
Socks: Offbrand from the Osakaneko
Shoes: Antenna

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