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For Lolis on a budget in the NY area

Sometimes I don't really like that some lolita has leaked into the mainstream. Other times, like today, I am very glad.

My brother is waaaay into gangsta street fashion, so last week I was dragged over to Fordham Road in the Bronx to aid in his search for the perfect Jordans. I did find the cutest shoes (which will coordinate well into an outfit. Black flats with a black rosette on the side) and I eyed something pretty in a store window some distance away, but I told myself I'd come next week.

So here I am the next week, in the hot sun, dragging some non loli purchases (more clothes for work) when I find refuge in the same store where I bought my shoes. I eye a hooded t-shirt with a graphic of keys, chains and cameos. I'm like, "Wow. That is too easy to work into a casual loli outfit not to get." It was also on sale for $5.00. (I apologize in advance for the poor quality pictures. Mom's got the digital camera and I am forced to use my webcam)

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The store is Easy Pickens. They have a great selection of loliable shoes and shirts that could be potential cutsews (a few that can pass as is).

I was also surprised at the a amount of ruffly shirts I found. I knew the "Victorian" look was in, but I was unaware at how far it had spread. Two stores with a particularly good selection are: Bon Bini and Jacelyn's. I liked Jacelyn's better because they had a lot of things in addition: cute belts, fake leather waist cinchers, corsets (well...the mainstream definition of a corset. They're obviously not of any real quality). I owed some people money, but I bought this:

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It was $15.00 on sale, and in general the blouses ran about $24.99 (no tax is applied to clothing purchases under $50.00 in New York). The most expensive loliable blouse I saw was $32.00 (Some of the blouses could use the addition of some buttons to be more loli. I guess mainstream's going for the slutty Victoriana look. Oh yes and more lace for some of them).

This of course is just to save a little money for spring/summer looks. It's no comparison to brand quality, but I'm saving my money for commissions I'd like to do later on.

Two places that I highly recommend: Vinezia and Cinderella Club

Both have great accessory collections. Cinderella Club has shoes in addition (rain boots and flats), and I know I have to go back and pick up this cute crown chain they had.

You might want to check it out if you're in the area.

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