zeldalolita93 (zeldalolita93) wrote in egl,

Candy Violet

I was just looking around on th web, and I am not sure if any of you like Candy Violet or not, but they just had a big update today, they added two new dress sets, I think they are very cute! They have a Rocco Dream Dress, and a Classic Princess Dress! 

Classic Princess Dress, they just put it up so the pictures are not so great. 

Rocco Dream Dress! And as all ways you can purchase the top and bottom sepratally! 
Oh, and may I point out that the Rocco would look wonderful with her Rose Collar and her Rose crown, put a blouse under it, and it would look so nice... 

If anyone by chance buys this, please post a picture on EGL, I am really dieing to see someone in these new items.
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