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Sudden change in style...?

Maybe I'm just giving myself an excuse to seek comfort and possibly helpful words of advice/wisdom or even personal experiences...but to those who it may apply to (and even those who it may not apply) how do you guys cope with a sudden change of image (gothic, loli, fruits, etc) to others (school, family, friends, etc)?

I adore Gothic Lolita fashion, whether it'd be gothic or lolita or fruits, I find it all appealing. I always wanted that kind of image to represent me on the outside but I'm often self conscious of my appearance toward others especially my classmates or teachers or people I know specifically. Right now people see me as the friendly geeky girl who always wears over-sized sweaters and jeans. I really want to make a change and dress how I want to dress instead of dressing in clothing that just makes me feel safe from being criticized by others.

I wonder if there are others on this community who actually took that huge step in changing themselves and their appearance to the public. As in going from a girl wearing American Eagle and GAP and then coming to school the next day in a Loli dress.

What reactions do you get from people? Do people eventually accept the new you?

This fall semester when I go back to college I really want to change my style and take a huge step by dying my black hair orange brown and wear gothic lolita style clothing to school. I admit I'm scared at the thought of what my former classmates will perceive of me especially because I'm often labeled as "quiet". I really don't know what to expect.

Please share me your experiences!

Thank you!
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