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Sunday July 22 Getty Center Los Angeles Gathering and Picnic!

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in order to keep all information clean and clear I decided to just update original post vs making whole new post to share new info!

Meeting time/place & more info on parking:
so, a little information about parking at the Getty, there are 2 ways to park at Getty, #1 normal $8 parking lot. this is at the main Getty entrance. You dive up, pay/park then take an awesome monorail up the gill to the Getty center. way #2 is if the primary parking lot is full, they give you a little slip of paper and direct you over to "overflow" parking near Wilshire and Sepulveda. From there you take a bus up the hill to the main entrance of Getty center at top of hill (I.E. no awesome monorail). The thing is you have no choice where you get to park, and to the best of my knowledge you don't know where you will have to park until you show up. (SO i suggest everybody allows enough time in their schedule to be near on time for either parking situations)
So this leaves us with where are we going to meet up? I tried last night to find a map of getty center online to make it as clear as possible but that failed so my words will have to do.
Both the bus and the monorail drop you off at top of hill very near to each other. There is a little monorail waiting station where one can wait for next monorail in the shade, near the bottom of the stairs that take you up to Getty center. THAT is where I would like for us to gather. There will be a window of 1pm-1:20pm where I will be waiting out there gathering up people. i do not think that everybody will arrive at 1pm on dot (LA traffic/parking/life being what it is) so there will be a 20 min window were we shall hang out there gathering up the frills.
If you arrive later then that don't worry, we didn't wonder off to oblivion, to find us, simply pick up a map and head off towards the gardens, as your walking there (it's hard to describe the architecture is abstract and breathtaking) there are points were you can see all across the grassy area, and I'm sure a bunch of girls in fluffy dresses will stand out.

If anybody would like my phone number in case of running very late or just wanting to be able to touch base if you can't find us, email me at SheyneF (at) gmail (dot) com, then we can exchange phone numbers.

okay since I do have a tendency to ramble (though it's all good information), again the hard info from this update:
meet up window is 1pm-1:20pm at top of hill/monorail station/near stairs up to Getty Center. after that point we will be heading to garden area for picnic, so if you arrive later join us there. you can email me to exchange phone numbers. there... short sweet/to point.

*direct any questions in regards to shoe order over to muted_serenades, she's been keeping her side up to date with emails*

well, little miss muted_serenades and I have had talks about doing a meet-up/picnic at The Getty Center which overlooks Los Angeles for a while now, part of this gathering is a Shoe pick up for the Secret Shop group order that muted_serenades organized, and the other part is THE GETTY IS AWESOME AND A GREAT PLACE FOR PHOTOS!!!
*plus they have a permanent exhibit of (I think) Rococo French furniture, which is simply FABULOUS*

And even more great things... the Getty is FREE!!! all that cost money is $8 for parking, no matter how many people are in car! (hint hint CARPOOL)

We were thinking of meeting up at 1Pm at the Center. For those girls in shoe order (muted_serenades will contact you, we can meet up earlier at my house [I live around 30 mins away from Getty] to get the shoes and then carpool for maximum savings!)

but let's not forget.. THIS IS GONNA BE A DANG PICNIC!!! A potluck picnic that is, the Getty center has a LOVELY grassy area with awesome Gardens, There are tree's and shaded areas were we can find a nice area to sit down. I can bring some blanket and tablecloths to sit on, as well as some basic flatware supplies (plates/blows/cups/napkins) but any help from others would rock! we can try to have a well rounded meal with yummy/healthy snacks and sweets/candy alike!

After the picnic there is a *free* coat check were we can check all of our picnic bags and umbrellas (we can't bring those into exhibits) and then explore the Center as much or as little as we want to!

Anybody interested?

People going for sure (or at least as sure as sure can be):
neku_niku (well d-uh)
muted_serenades +lil'sister [brining cupcakes!!!!]
pour_me_coffee +Eron [brining Greek assortment]
molly_lugosi [bringing sweet fruit salad]
sweetiepup [brining tea sandwiches]
kochoumacabre +friend [brining more sandwiches]
smile_ichiban [brining drinks]
gremlinita [bring sweet stuff]
panda_usagi [bring sweet stuff]
animefreak102 +boyfriend [brining cookies]
vampusako (I'm a-dragging her! she'll make sumthing YUMMY!!)
jackichen007[brining more drinks +cups]
xbiteyourtongue [cookies or pasta salad]
lovemeeko [Either cheese & crackers or scones & jam, or both]
kuramew [brining Chinese chicken salad]

~people interested (not confirmed but maybe)
sekiria (crosses fingers you can show)
shiadesu (needs to figure out transportation)
angryazngirl (needs to figure out transportation)

*i think i updated list all ship/shape* once more people confirm we shall start figuring out who can bring what!

If anybody wants to contact me about carpooling or any other questions my email is SheyneF[at]gmail[dot]com

Once again hard info:
Meet up and Picnic at The Getty Center @ 1PM on Sunday July 22 for picnic/photos/culture and FUN
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