Jeanine (j9isawesome) wrote in egl,

Possible NorCal Lolita Weekend

Ok, who else saw the great times the Chicago girls had on their lolita weekend and got a bit jealous? ;) I know I did. So I was wondering if there were enough of us in the central/northern california that would be interested in doing something very similar. We could book some rooms at a cute little bed & breakfast and do all sorts of fun stuff together.

1. Which month (October-January) would be best for you?

2. Would you prefer to do this during the week (when B&Bs are cheaper) or on a weekend (when most people already have time off work/school)?

3. Where would you prefer to do this? Carmel/Monterey, Halfmoon Bay/Pescadero, Capitola/Santa Cruz or San Francisco.

4. What type of activities are you interested in? Visiting aquariums, museums, art galleries, shopping in cutesy towns, going horseback ridding, beach adventures, a day of spa pampering. Those are just some examples, please list any other suggestions you may have.

5. Would you rather stay only one night to save money or two nights to get the most out of our time together?

6. Do you mind sharing a room with someone or do you need your own?

7. How much is the max you're able to spend on the room (per night).
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