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A Quick Question About Hair Solutions

I've recently been very into doing things with fake hair. I've had braids more times than I can actually remember, I made and wore my first set of dread falls this past Friday and Saturday, and now I want to move into the realm of loose hair. I've noticed that most people don't wear loli 24/7 and therefore don't need the hair constantly. I've been looking through sites at what's out there, checked the memories, and it seems like it would be fairly easy to make loose hair curled falls or things of that nature that simply clip in or tie on to a bun. But that leaves the question of whether anyone is interested in something like this. The most recent hair post and the cyber loli discussion a bit back spawned this idea in my head. Forgive me if this isn't allowed and sorry that this is text only. I currently don't have a camera and felt overly self-conscious in loli at ANext so I don't have any pictures to share.

Edit: I didn't mention installed solutions (because unless you lived in the Philadelphia area, I wouldn't be able to help you out at all) but I like getting opinions before charging off in a direction. I'm planning on making a few sets of falls to display (and possibly sell or wear) at conventions and things of that nature. I figured that a lolita loose hair set would be nice for someone like me, who chops off hair the second I decided, once again, to aim for some short, funky, totally non-loli style and change my mind within weeks.
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