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Sewin mad woman for my trip

I just made these cute skirts for Comic Con and thought I would share. Since I work there I tend to dress casual( I run around the secert hide aways alot make sure guests get to their panels).

 The top is from Candy Violet. Skirt is cute kitties I bought randomly with white eyelet trim. 
Here is a close up of fabric:
 Does anyone have ideas where to get cute knee socks other then white for this outfit? I need in time for Comic Con July 25

Here is another skirt for viewing pleasure I made for Con :

Also A trim question question:

I have this fabric I am finally workin on for a basic tiered skirt( I would like  bustle but just don't have the time).Anyway my questions dollies is what trim choice?


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Help is welcome in whatever form it takes^_^

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