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Punk?Goth?Inspi' Loli?

So, armed with a good 20m of evil synthetic lace my mum gave me and not many ideas, I decided to make a simple punk lolita/h.Naoto inspired black dress. I found a basic pattern in my Gosu Rori mag and altered it a bit but didn't realise what kind of trouble I got myself into D:~ (To be honest, I am more into classic lolita and up til now only made classic lolita dresses/skirts =_=)

(Yeah, I know this isn't exactly goth lolita nor punk lolita - I don't even know how to classify this dress anymore so feel free to delete this post if it's not relevant XD;;)


Usually I wouldn't use synthetic lace on this kind of scale, but I had to get rid of it somehow -_-~



Trouble first started with me being too fat/stupid to leave room to sew and thus ended up with a dress too tight to wear. A 10cm panel added to the back later, all is well again until I added the ruffles. Initially it was gonna be 3 tiers but it ended up being the mother of all huge poofy black dresses that ate up to the back of my knees so the 3rd layer was gone. Then it was too short D: (I dislike wearing dresses that show too much of my huge hockey-induced muscly legs). Thankfully I found the stash of black tulle I stored ages ago in my wardrobe and so attached it so that it could conceal at least some of my said chunky legs 8D!

At least the lining wasn't as bad as my previous dresses....

Shirt made ages ago

I love this shirt to bits! Maybe that's why I decided to sew a 'companion' piece to go with it 8D


I've never really posted pics of myself with my dresses 'til now (and it's not even truly lolita =_=). I have no petticoat therefore no poofyness and the pic is a bit dark and grainy....oops? ^_^;; Looks kinda better with the high collar + bow seen - alas my hands! (Look at my calves! O_O Chunky XD)

Dress: Handmade + synth lace (eep!) - Gosu Rori pattern
Shirt: Handmade - Gosu Rori pattern
Stockings: Random black and holey ones
Shoes: Ankle-sprain inducing 

End note: Made during the middle of winter in a freezing ass sewing room with me battling a cold - I don't think I'll be doing this kinda thing again. I think I will stick to classic lolita in the future -_-...comments/constructive crit welcome though 8D!

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