the Kool-Aid Man (chocolatexpanda) wrote in egl,
the Kool-Aid Man

Candypop! ^~^

I was on Candypop [ ], looking at their jewlery and such when I found a bunch of Vivienne Westwood replicas [e.g. this and this and this as well as more] and a purse that looked like the one Metamorphose~ [I think >__>] has/had. I also found some very  loliable stuff [this as well as these and these  necklaces and a couple tiaras  for the hime-lolis ^~^]

^~^ I just wanted to share with you lovely ladies some of my findings and wanted to see what you think? These items are so lovely and pretty cheap! 8D *plans to buy LOTS XD;*

Quelz ;3
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