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AX 2007 Days 3 and 4!

Batch three of three! (wheew, last post, I promise!) These are from days 3 and 4 of AX, everyone is probably beyond sick of AX pictures by now, but regardless... please enjoy .^_^. (warning... lots of pictures)

~ Day 3 ~
Sunday, July 1st

Finally! We got to sleep in a bit on sunday and leisurely get ready for the big Sunday lunch.
Lauran got batteries for her camera so she was able to take pictures, yay!

Everyone starts to gather around Tokyo Wako

paranoia9 takes pictures of me taking pictures of her. Or am I taking pictures of her taking pictures of me? hmm...

Finally seated! (notice our hostess kuramew running around making sure things go smoothly)

Yay, the cuteness that is Asheley.

(I'm trying to gain cuteness by osmosis)

smileysquid and thevisual_beast

thevisual_beast and mayuka13

accela and her boyfriend came all the way from Texas!

When boredom and hunger are too much, all good lolitas bring out their DS, as muted_serenade and sister demonstrate.

She was soo cute but I never got her name...

Brenda (lj name?) and paranoia9. Red glasses... YES!

neonstilettos and nudeonthemoon

It took quite a while for the waitress to come out and take our order so we all kind of walked around and socialized.

smileysquid is most likely the cutest person ever.

A miffytoki original piece of art.

pawteegal loves pinching my chipmunk cheeks.

Mmm yummy salmon and shrimp!

Jen: My my Stella, what small breasts you have!
Stella: Not once I stuff these napkins in my jumper!
Jen: So much better, we must take pictures.
Stella: Uh-huh!

abbie_chan looking so good in blue!

And then miffytoki had to go back to work at the Celga booth while we played. She wasn't bitter or anything.

gremlinita and venus_ivy in pastel a la mode! (they had a photo shoot later that day with 5 girls in pastel a la mode!)

So pretty!

Bye Bye!

Bad lolita! deja vous?

Yay sailor lolis!

rayna1 made her boy hold her parasol and walk behind her the whole time! (just kidding)

damagedgarden in blue AP!

accela and boy again. They are the most adorable couple!

We all walked down to the end of the Pier for some REAL pictures. *snicker*

laila_astri says VVVVV!

Best picture of Lauran EVER.

frozenemotion9 and sister!

So, we had so many people there, we had to do 2 separate shoe shot circles! Even then it was crowded and I kept almost falling over. (but I generally have no balance anyway so its not like I don't randomly fall over all the time anyway).

muted_serenades and panda_usagi

People still taking pictures of the shoes...

Paula! I think it was her first time in lolita.

Brenda again, with the awesome Marie Antoinette JSK

ignipotent so cute!

Color coated pictures!

sekiria and me!

Dark lolitas!

Pink lolitas! (Remy, don't think for a second I didn't notice you slipping in with the pink lolitas! cheater!)

Big group shot!

neku_niku seemed to have a little captain in her.

"Well, you see, buns lost an eye when he..."

Apparently something REALLY funny happened to the left. I guess I missed it.

I think they are trying to be... hardgay?

kuramew thank you for putting this together!!!

And then we part ways. Sad but true.

Random lolita, I ran into.

Another random lolita... if you are on EGL let me know who you are! :D

In the afternoon miffytoki, venus_ivy, laila_astri, gremlinita and pour_me_coffe had the pastel a la mode shoot. Unfortunately, I was off in another mini shoot so I didnt get pictures, but then I came back and found that Mel sprouted ears!

After a fancy dinner and some wine we ran into tehkitashi (sorry the picture turned out blurry!)

~ Day 4 ~
Monday, July 2nd

laila_astri with her new country sweets skirt!

chibi_ice_wolf as a cute strawberry lolita!

... yeah.



Good thing she wore bloomers.

Ok, im running out of steam with these captions...

Kodonas! But... I'm not sure if I qualify. I just wanted to wear my prince pants.

This was the group of lolitas at the monday morning picnic...

Sheyne rocking the IW.

Mel in her awesome Animal Crossing cosplay

Me and Audrey

Thats it!

Feliz Lolidad! .^_^.

Pictures from day 0 and day 1 can be found here
Pictures from day 2 can be found here

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