Helter Stupid. (insecurelobster) wrote in egl,
Helter Stupid.

Expanding Shoes

I figured egl might find this helpful, given the number of us that have to order shoes online without being able to try them on first.

Ever spend a bunch of money on a cute pair of shoes only to find that they're a little too small? Fear not, I've discovered a solution and it doesn't cost a thing! Just place a ziptop bag inside of the shoe, spreading it out along the inside as much as you can. Fill the bag with water and stick the shoe in the freezer. The next day they should be a little bigger. If not, fill with some more water and try again. If you can't get the ice bag out of the shoe, just pour some hot water in the bag.

The shoes I tried this with were faux-leather and they came out fine, but be sure to check if water/ice will damage your shoes before trying this method, just in case.

Hope this helps some of you!
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