dale cooper (ignipotent) wrote in egl,
dale cooper

Los Angeles/OC Meet up + Southern California Lolita Weekend Trip

Since many members will be heading to San Diego on the 27th, I plan to check if we can get reservations on August, 3rd 2007 for the Laguna Niguel Ritz Carlton meet up. I'll inquire about the pre-paid picnic baskets, but may end up just reserving spots for tea if it turns out to be too expensive. Look for updates soon~

Also, after seeing the lovely posts of the weekend lolita trip, I was thinking that maybe we SoCal lolitas could try for a similar event? :D (Other California lolitas are welcome of course.) However, Bread & Breakfast Inns in the California region tend to be pricey, as with most other things in California. So it may be over $100 per night, $150 or so being the average price. (T_T;; That really is the average price after much research.) Note though, that this would be split between a roomate or two. ^^;; It is expensive, so I am looking if there's a cheaper option that can still house a bunch of lolitas. Attractions around the B&B are an important factor too. I'm hoping that if enough people or interested, this trip could be during the holidays, a tentative date being December 22nd - 23rd. We could stay the friday night prior, but that would cost us another night. There's a lovely place in La Jolla with horseback riding, museums, wine tasting, and ecetera. Would you guys rather stay in the area of Los Angeles/Orange County or venture out 1-3 hours away to areas around San Diego? It'd be fun to head North (toward San Francisco,) but that would be a looonngg trip for some of us lacking decent transportation. I know it's early to post this, but I thought I'd poke the community and give people enough time to save money if we plan to go.
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