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Hello, I wanted to ask the Loli's in New York of any nice places to shop for lolita type things and also lovely tea spots as well (I will be going to New York for a while and I wanted to know of some nice places) If not Lolita base then maybe leaning into Hime.

Any help would be nice thank you


1) Kinokuniya, 10 W. 49th st. This Japanese chain bookstore is your basic shop in NYC for buying your Gothic & Lolita Bible, KERA, and other jfash magazines. They also now stock Baby, the Stars Shine Bright dresses, skirts, bonnets (and an Alice bow or two), and shoes. If you walk in and don't see it anywhere, the store has likely sent it to a con, so PLEASE do not be alarmed and/or start spamming egl with the "bad news."

On that does anyone know if they are in stock XD Just wondering I dont want to get my hopes up to find out it was already sent out >_> yeah PLEASE if you know tell me <3 THANK YOU
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