Lee, lye, and rose (black_cheshire) wrote in egl,
Lee, lye, and rose

Your opinion on replicas?

Before I start yammering, here's what I mean when I say a clothing replica : Drafting a pattern, and recreating a dress for sale, or for personal use.

I do not mean a counterfit, and I do not mean buying something, or taking a picture of something, and claiming that you made it.

And, if you know what discussion I'm talking about, don't reference it here, except in a very general way. I'm not trying to create cross-community drama.


So, after talking about replicas in a BJD community, I'm bringing it here. I've noticed a signifigant difference between the general opinion of replicas here, and there, and I'm wondering why. Both communities are relatively small, and expensive, and both have lots of artistic designers, and people whose entire income depends on the clothing and designs they're creating. Infact, the only difference I see, is size.

In the BJD community creating clothing replicas is frowned upon. It's considered "idea theft."

In the lolita community, not so much. We have entire companies that specialize in replicas. Or am I wrong on that point? Do most of you consider it bad practice to offer replicas to your customers? Would you turn down a replica order (disregarding the difficulty factor) if you could/can sew well? Is it considered "idea theft?" here, as well?

What's your opinion on replicas?

and, if you're part of the BJD community, why do you think there is such a difference in attitude between hobbies that are both very small, and very expensive?
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