sparklewolfie (sparklewolfie) wrote in egl,

sock toppers and sleeve stoppers

hello!  sorry for another question post but even google only came up with 8 results for "sock topper" and it didn't help at all!

first i know what a sock topper is/does, but i was wondering how to make one myself, and is there a "general mold" for what sock toppers are supposed to generaly look like?

and am completely clueless about sleeve stoppers.  i've seen only a few on brand websites so are they not really a part of loli?  where do you wear them (i think it'd be silly at the ends of sleeves like upper arm armbands...) and same question as sock toppers regarding DIYing

thanks in advance for all your help.  it's nice to have a place to ask questions where people don't just giggle and call you dumb/n00b
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