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New Hampshire lolis-Possible meetup?

Hi everyone. I was making strawberry lemonade a few minutes ago and it hit me to maybe put together a NH lolita meetup. Depening on what people think about it I would hold it either before or after Otakon.

It would be in Portsmouth in the early afternoon (maybe start around 1 or 2) and everyone can meet by the fountain in Market Sq. We'd walk around, maybe get a slice of cake and tea at Popovers' cafe or have an early supper at Sake Japanese restraunt. We could also go into Bullmoose music and go to the park by Strawberry Banke museum.
The dress code won't be too strict as long as you come dressed up (I'm not to picky, I love all styles of Lolita fashion and VK style too). And you would probably want to bring your camera too to have picture fun, and money to purchase gifts or food. Let me know what people think so I can put together a set date okay?
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