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Okay I have a bit of a problem, I was looking through the  metamorphose website and I absolutly fell in love with this dress 
------> I really want to buy it and the price isn't the problem, the waist measurment is. My measurementsv are Bust- 35', Waist- 29' and hips 37' the measurements for the dress are length 70.5cm (27.7in) + lace, bust 90cm (35.4in), waist 70m (27.5in). But the comments below the size measurements say that the lace up front allows you to adjust the size, but I'm not sure if it will adjust 2 in' to fit my waist and I don't want to pay 200 something dollars for a dress I won't be able to wear, this is my very first lolita purchase and I really need advice. 


Problem Solved! Thank you everyone! ^_^

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