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AX pictures - PART I -

First batch of pictures! These are from day 0 and day 1 of AX (thats all I had time to get to today). The rest will come soon! Please enjoy .^_^.

~ Day 0 ~
Thursday, June 28th

I arrived at the airport early afternoon and was picked up by neku_niku and laila_astri, then whisked away for a little bit of manicure and pampering. Sheyne must have missed the memo that said "do not give debi anything breakable and/or spillable"... because I was handed a bottle of nail polish and promptly dropped it on the ground with NO lid on. It bounced. And flipped through the air flinging nail polish ALL over the place. That is ALL over the place EXCEPT on me (wearing full putumayo). Sheyne has picture proof.

After lunch and several hours of being stuck in traffic, we made it to the convention center just in time for press registration...

The lovely convention center front, the fountain was actually pretty cool.

It had gotten dark and we were starving so laila_astri takes a look at the area map I made (did anybody else find it useful? .^_^.)

Our first choice was closed by the time we got there so we ended up at Johnny Rockets

The mini juke boxes were awesome! Only a nickel per play, can't beat that!

Mmmm root beer. The non-alcoholic lolita drink of choice (aside from tea).

Showing off the nails, we all ended up with pretty much the same color. (I was scared to touch the nail polish bottles after the above stated incident so I stuck with whatever color was in my hand)

I now have a habit of taking pictures of my food. This burger was sad. It didn't even have lettuce or tomatoes!

Did I mention Lauran was hungry?

One more song before turning in for the night, I think she choose Lollipop. I have a ton more silly pictures (including boob poking) but I don't think people really wanted to see those .^_^.

~ Day 1 ~
Friday, June 29th

Finally down to business! Heading down to the press room to sign up for panels and concert tickets.

This was the registration line at 8am, notice how it wraps around, goes up the stairs, and continues around the block...

We had to wait in line before the press room opened, but there were only about 30-40 people ahead of us. Kept myself busy sending text messages to mike who was probably cursing at me and the phone for waking him up at an ungodly hour.

Sheyne calls her boy, who obviously gets up much earlier than mine.

Then we ran into muted_serenades and friend (name? I can't remember!) on our way back to the hotel room to change into our lolita clothes.

No, you didn't misread. It does, indeed, say "butt seks".

Sheyne rocking the crown and crosses offwhite meta skirt at the Celga booth.

Rob obviously looks too happy with his hands all over the mannequin *gasp*

Here is my outfit for the day. This was at the Anna Tsuchiya fan Panel. (it started late, just like everything else)

paranoia9 who organized the swap meet and pike walk later on that night. Isn't she cute?? I'm trying to get her to come to nor cal instead of so cal for school. Come on Veronica, you know you will like it up here BETTER!

frakkinfabulous showing off her brand new bustle skirt! (boot love <3)

ophelia_no_yume (Kris, the self-admitted H.Naoto WHORE, so says Sheyne!) looked awesome!

All my panel pictures of Anna sucked, but I managed to snap some good ones of her receiving gifts from fans.

Then we raced over to the autograph signing session held right by the artist alley, which I wish I could have spent more time at. I would have liked to have gotten a neat commission as a souvenir!

Here is Anna signing my CD *fan girl squeal*

We were not allowed to pose with her for pictures, so this is the closest we could get, I took a picture of Veronica taking a picture of her.

Then it was back over to the exhibit hall to walk around and rest my feet at the celga booth. And watching Stella torture lolidaddy Rob. Although I think the cake hat looks better on him than it did on me.

miffytoki approves of granola.

The celga booth seemed to be the nice safe and central lolita gathering place!

Nice and safe until gloomy bear attacked... RIP Stella T_T

Now, I didn't take many cosplay pictures, nor is this the place to post them. However I would like to point out that this kid, as cute as he looks, will be scarred for life by his parents forcing him to cosplay at such a young age. Its so sad!

Tennis man and miffytoki, we made quite a racket chasing him down to inquire about his cosplay. har har

I call this... lolitas in motion. Post-swap meet.

Then it was time for ice cream!

smile_ichiban (get it?) She was adorable, and we were practically neighbors when I lived in SB! Why did we not meet?!?

Then off to the pop-shock masquerade, which still has me confused because I have no idea what was going on... pour_me_coffee was judging, so we went for support!

"I made it to the end of the post and all I got was a stupid butt shot!" (It was the only one all weekend, I promise!)

Part deux coming soon!

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