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I made a white headdress! :3

Hi everyone! I just got done making my white headdress and couldn't wait to show everyone here. :D Please do enjoy!

Here is my collection of headdresses that I have made so far as well. :)

I was shopping around yesterday at Garden Ridge (home decorating store ;) ) and found this:

I love, love crowns and I know many Lolitas in this community love them as well so I thought I might give you ladies a heads up about this decoration I found in Garden Ridge just in case you might have one near you. They also had jewelry boxes, photo frames and jars with crown decorations. I was psyched when I saw this. I'm gonna stain it though to match my room furniture. :D
Well, I hope you all enjoyed my piccies!

PS I hope I didn't screw up the cut link. XD
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