needlesoup (needlesoup) wrote in egl,

few questions~

<lj-cut> Hi, i'm very very new here (since 5minutes lol), so please tell me if i've done something terribly wrong or something like that.

Well, as the headline says, i have some questions :x

First of all, i want to buy shoes from ling lam and i'm not so sure which one i should choose. No, i don't want your opinion which style do you prefer ( but if you want to tell me, i'm always interested =3), i just want to know if the sole of these shoes

shoes 1

is of good quality, i mean, i'm afraid that the sole will break (sry i can't find the right word now xD) if i wear them too much because it looks more "cheap" (i hope you know what i want to say >_<) then for example, rockinghorses. Furthermore, i've heard that ling_lam sells good quality shoes, but i'm just especially a little bit worried about the sole xD

In Addition i would like to see some pictures of the second shoes


beeing worn. So if you have some pictures. just gimmeh a link please. I've saw a picture of a cute girl who wores a camouflage-skirt with these shoes, but in the picture i can't see enough to make my final

Thanks, yet ^_^ </lj-cut>

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