Chapstick (kenshinseta3647) wrote in egl,

Really old pictures of me in Sweet Lolita~ (5)

The images wern't working, so I just posted the links~
It was really late at night, I was bored and started to put on make-up (Mostly tons of blush), then I curled my hair. I finally decided just to try on my AP dress, to see how it would look, and I thought it looked ok. XD

Please, don't eat me. I know it's not the best, I wasn't really trying, but I personally think it looks a little nice! >____<

(My camera was about to die, so I could only snap a few pictures. Also, the crappy lens made them look sorta blurry! Sorry!)¤t=SmirkishThing.jpg
A weird smirkish thing?¤t=Mirror.jpg
Mirror picture. :(¤t=Ditz.jpg
I tried to look like a ditz. ;)¤t=DIE.jpg
WORST pose, but it shows the whole outfit~!
And please, ignore the black. ;)

This pictures are a few months old. Some people MIGHTTTT remember me posting all the time about my hair, but that problem has been solved. :(
My mom promised to buy me a new camera if I'd cut it all off, just because my Hime cut got on her nerves, so I agreed.
I'm just going to grow it out again. :)¤t=Jessie.jpg
Short, brown hair. Cell pic. :(
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