Nightmare Carnival [ ハート は 万華鏡 ] (addictive_sugar) wrote in egl,
Nightmare Carnival [ ハート は 万華鏡 ]

Picture request & questions

I know post like these are annoying, but eh, egl is the best place to ask after all.

Does anyone have pictures of this IW blouse?

Any pictures are welcome, especially ones showing details.

Also, i was wondering about IW's colours.
The blouse is available in 'off', 'formation (生成)' and black.
Does this mean they have off-white, cream [antique white? or rather similar to meta's 'mocha'?] and black but no pure white?
Does their 'off' clash with other brands' white?
It's kind of hard to tell from the stock photos, probably because of the lightning.
I did use lj-seek but could only find this entry, which was helpful but didn't really answer my actual question, and there wasn't anything relevant in the memories [or maybe i'm blind].

Anyway, thanks for helping the n00b out!
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