princess_sunass (nogums) wrote in egl,

New rules on Lolitasnap

Well here are the new rules for

Picture quality,
ONLY upload picture's who are NOT blurry
Also bad light and dark picture's will be denied.
The picture's have to be bright and clear.

Your surroundings.
No clutter on the background.
No random stuff on the floor, like clothes, shoes whatever.

Which picture to post:
This is an important note!

'Western goth' isn't going to be accepted
as Lolita, EGA, Kodona and Dandy. It is a different style
from a different place and it actually has very less to do
with the fashion on this site.

If you don't know how to categorize your style please go to this link:

The inspired category
This is a category about 'inspired lolita'.
Still we have one rule about it. When we don't see the lolita
part in it, it is going to be declined.
This is the category where you can put your ero-lolita and other
lolita inspired picture's.


Contacting mods
You can contact one of the mods if you have a problem.
Is it about the site? You can post your questions on the forum.
But when you have troubles with other members you should contact mod ..(Princess_sunshine)

Thank you for your attention, and if there are any questions just ask
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