PlasticMonkey - Omega Virii (plasticmonkey) wrote in egl,
PlasticMonkey - Omega Virii

Yet another LP post

Got my lucky pack today. The mailman must have thought I was funny, as I ran to the door when I heard him knock (and I live in an apartment, so sound travels well). Hehe.

My pack was a little different from most of them. I received the white OP, a skirt, and two pairs of petti-pants. (which is a shame, because I really wanted bloomers!) Sadly, I think I'm going to get rid of everything. =/

The white OP is the same as what everyone else was getting.

Then, the skirt was a surprise. A black and white gingham skirt that is JUST too small for me.

And the pettipants were a huge disappointment, since i really, really wanted bloomers. I got a plain white pair (which are very similar to the pettipants I got from ITS), and this stripy pair.

I'm probably gonna look for trades/sales, so I'll see you in the sales comm! Hope everyone else gets things they want in their packs!

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