_bunnyofdoom_ (_bunnyofdoom_) wrote in egl,

how to wear an alice bow?

ok so forgive me for the silly question.....

i've not really ever bothered with headresses and the like as i find they don't really suit me but i decided to get my first alice bow recently after seeing lots of people looking totally adorable in theirs. anyway i went with meta and btssb, the meta arrived and it was massive but i thought i'd wait and give the baby one a chance. it arrived this morning and with a squeal of excitement i ran to the mirror to try it on but it's totally HUGE! gorgeous but huge!

so my question is, how do you wear an alice bow without the damn thing looking like it's eating your head? is it a hair thing? do i need to make my hair bigger in order to balance out the bow? or do i just have a freakishly small noggin and am doomed forever?

any advice and pics would be most appreciated.
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