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looking for crown label pics from meta.....

hey a picture question....

I am looking for the offical pictures from Meta from the crown collection last year that went with this blouse.
not the pics of the items themselves, but the coordinate pics of the jumper with the blouse.....I need it so I can see if the blouse on ebay would go with a jumper I have that is similar to the crown least I think the dress I am rememberins was Meta crown label came in green and dark red etc and has several rows of ruffles on the skirt section......

any help would be much appreciated....b/c I have this dress (1, and 2; the blue dress on the right) that is very similar in style that I have never been able to find a blouse to go with and I realized it is similar to the crown jumper and so that is my best bet at a good coordinate...

I hope that all made sense and ANY help is REALLY appreciated!!

thanks so much (sorry for any typos~!)

♥ Biscuit

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