Delphine Lévesque Demers (zerick) wrote in egl,
Delphine Lévesque Demers

just some pic of my new outfit ^.^

Hi hi !

Hello !!

Last saturday we had a lovely Gothic Lolita pic-nic meetup at Montreal, I decided to wear the new Metamorphose School Sailor Tiered Skirt ( it's totally fully stretched btw !! That thing can fits tons of size, I totally recommend it !! ) And I was also wearing the Metamorophose Velour Jacket ( another amazing piece of clothing O.O ) The white blouse is a random blouse from a store, the striped laced socks are from Meta, ( bloomers too but you can't see them !! XD !! ) The shoes are the ling_lam replica ( I totally love them, they are super comfy ! ) The Umbrella is also from Meta and the winged purse is from Mar-Jour ! Enjoy !

Me !

( with one of my friend who was there for the pic-nic ^.^ Hope he don't mind me posting this XD I just think it's a really great photo ! )

Me looking stupid XD

And a bonus pic of the foooood ! ( I made the fruit cake of doom XD ) :

And why not ... a bonus pic of the lovely Aristo-ish pirate painting I'm currently working on, he's smexy !! I'm almost done with the paint ^.^ :

Voila ! That's it !
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