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Amy's Birthday Tea Party

Tea Setting

On sunday the lolitas of Perth, Australia met up to celebrate qui_'s birthday with a little tea party. The party was hosted at her grandmother's house which has beautiful high ceilings, old fashioned furniture and ornaments and pretty pastel walls! I arrived with skwerlie and valkyran and although we were running a little late preperations were still under way. There was so much delicious food! I don't think we even finished half of it. Please enjoy our photos from the day.

The pretty tea setting before we demolished it, I love all the blue glassware that Amy's grandmother has behind it.

mechanikal_rose putting the finishing touches on the mountains of cakes, sweets and sandwiches

More food, those angel cakes were the most soft and buttery I've ever had ^_^

The Birthday Girl herself! She looks so cute in her new pink dress!

mechanikal_rose who helped host the tea (her jacket is so cute!)

zhalaya looking angelic in her BABY OP and tiara

I'm growing very fond of pink x blue

And so is everyone else it seems! We didn't plan this, really. ^^;

The gentlemen discuss such important matters as killing zombies.

Kaylea and Sheena start on the food!

After Tea we move in to the living room for photos

...and discover the Holy Grail of Lolita!

Parfait claims the best seat

We move outside for individual shots. This is Sheena in a pretty classic OP.

skwerlie wears Candy Violet card suit applique series.

zhalaya teases the poor little cherub!

mechanikal_rose makes a new friend

Kaylea, our resident rock chick lolita

The cherub reads me a story

Our hostess is a little photo shy...

skwerlie drags her out of the house

See! That wasn't so bad ^^

The gentlemen take their turn

The rose bush attacks Spidey

I can't resist taking a photo of the GIANT Koi fish in the pond

..and Kaylea couldn't resist showing us her Keytar skills!

Thank you for reading and Happy Birthday to qui_!!!

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