Evie (_ensorcelled_) wrote in egl,

Pirate Loli Designs/Art

So late last night I suddenly decided to doodle AATP designs...for every kind of loli =D

These were supposed to be just designs...but then I got carried away and added heads and legs...they were an afterthought so plz to be excusing the funny proportions.

Please forgive my atrocious handwriting xD Has anyone seen The Goonies? I think there should be a goonies inspired aatp line xD harhar! oh and btw the writing on the punk pirate's headbow says 'lolita not dead' =D yay

LAWL the classic pirate face turned out ugly so I've censored it. =) i was pretty tired by then. Looking at it now, I'd change the classic skirt so that the not-ruffle part was larger so it didn't look like an apron as much. *shrug*

Thanks for looking! There will probably be more to come in the near future oh noes!!!!

deviantart = http://quixotic-beauty.deviantart.com

Tags: media: sketches
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