Jane (peony_pink) wrote in egl,

Three Things...

Well, I didn't manage to make it to the London meet... :[ ...but I should be able to make the one in late July at least. :] Something that crossed my mind while pondering it, though, was the practicalities of being a lolita on a day trip. If I'm going to London for the day in non-loli clothes, I end up taking way too much stuff. While I could cut down on the non-necessities, one still needs to take things like a hairbrush, maybe a London A-Z or something. But most of all, if I'm going to be travelling back on the train on my own late at night I'd be tempted to take a rather more casual change of clothes. >_>;;

If you have a car, this isn't really a problem. But how do you cope with all the stuff you have to take, a change of clothes etc when you're going on a day trip to a meet via public transport? We don't want to be carrying huge bags around with us all day, after all. :x I'd be really interested to hear any tips.

Secondly, I think it's time for me to jump up and down and ask if there are any lolitae (hee hee) in my area? I'm in Birmingham (in the UK) at the moment, so I'd be interested to hear from any remotely near the West Midlands area (I'm sure I've met a couple of girls into it at local anime events, but I was never really brave enough to talk to them about it). I'd also be especially interested to hear from any in Kent/the South East, as I'm going to be living there from the autumn. :)

And lastly... I guess I'll be brave and post a couple of (low-quality ^^;) pics of myself. Yes, it was an anime club end-of-term party, but why not? :))

It's really very hard not to feel happy decked out like this. ^^ ...and no, all those empty glasses are not mine. >_>;; :p

Please be gentle. ^^; Thanks for reading, too. :)
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