Catherine (kasurin) wrote in egl,

Picture Request

(This is my first post((If I remember correctly x_x;;)), so I'm really sorry if I do something wrong >_<)

Okay, so I've searched EGL, and either there isn't anything I need, or I'm really bad at using search.

But I'm looking for pictures of busty lolis in empire waisted JSKs or OPs. I read in one of the posts I found, that some busty lolis end up going for empire waisted dresses, but then I read some members say they didn't look good in them *because* of their bust.

So I'm quite torn on how empire waisted dresses look on busty girls. So I'm very interested in seeing your pictures. I'm also interested in seeing *any* pictures with empire waisted dresses too if you are willing to share :)
Thanks for your help :)
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