AshuraCastle (ashuracastle) wrote in egl,

I'm going to buy a sewing machine, and its down to these three. Which one do you recommend?
A Brother, An Ishida, and A Jaguar.
thanks for the help!

i should clarify that im in japan and am very limited in options. i havnt found any singers, and everything else is too expensive. well, i should say that i dont want to spend alot of money on a machine since i will only be over here for a year. ^_^

i want something very simple. i had a simple kenmore back in the states, and it worked just fine for me. (unfortunately i couldnt take it overseas with me!)

thanks for your help everyone! wish i could find a decently priced singer over here! U_U
Tags: sewing: help/questions, sewing: supplies
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