RayRay (silver_youko) wrote in egl,

Today I went to a BJD meet and since I was talking to another girl who said she was going to dress lolita there I decided to dress up as well ^^ Its not the best picture in the world, but I don't post here often so I decided to contribute a bit.

(forgive my half-dead-looking petti. It was very windy)

and also so this post isn't just photowhoring. I took a bad dive in my rocking horse shoes today. I fell once, was asked if I needed help and said no, and fell again getting back up >.< Thankfully I only got a liiittle dirt on my dress (my stockings, however, must go in the trash) but I was wondering if anyone else has happened something horribly embarrassing happen to them in lolita? Or am I the only clutz running around in frilly clothes? xD
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