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Buying Question

What is the best service for ordering japanese brand clothes? I usually just make my own stuff but I've seen some items I really want and I have no clue as to how to go about getting them. I have had very minor luck on ebay. I don't know what to search for or how to search really. I don't know if I should use something else like Rinkya or but I don't know how to use those ones either. I need something that I can use Paypal on, since I don't have (and don't ever intend to have) a credit card. I'm really sorry this sounds so n00b, I just never order online haha. I don't really want to wait for a group order either or whatever since my money comes and goes sporadically. I like things cheap too so secondhand or whatever is A-ok by me, actually probably preferable haha. Even knockoff are fine if they are fairly good qualtiy. I'm not a huge brand whore (yet haha) I would be if I had enough money though haha.! Thanks everybody! I await your advice!

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