Tyler "Sakura Fairy" (sakurafairy) wrote in egl,
Tyler "Sakura Fairy"

Structural integrity?

I'm thinking of making my own version of the BtssB "pocket" JSK, well it reality I'm really only keeping the middle the same XD So please, if you own this JSK or even have seen it/owned it, please help me.

I am quite bemused about the structural nature of the "waist cincher" middle is. How does it stay so stiff and flat looking? Is it boning (the plastic stuff), heavy interfacing, or something completly diffrent? If so, how does the very structured front trasition into the shirring on the back? Also, the bust part really confuses me, is it like a "shelf" comming off the waist part, or is it more like two pockets? XD Photos of the inside of the bodice would be best, but even just discriptions would be wonderfully helpful.

Edit: The JSK is less of a mystery now, Thankyou
Tags: sewing: help/questions

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