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Wardrobe posts are better late than never.

To celebrate the arrival of my first order from BABY and the end of my uni semester (one month of drinking and working for cash ahoy!), I decided to clean my room and take photos of beginnings of my wardrobe...

Start with Jumperskirts!

Both Baby, both empire waists...

And blouses!

Baby and Meta. Meta one still has tags attached lol...


Putumayo and Meta. The suspender straps that attach to those hooks on the putumayo skirt are hanging with my belts...

Accessories -->

Baby headbow, Putumayo tie, Sexpot Revenge lock, Baby socks and Alice and the Pirate Socks and a pair of bloomers by Dorset_clothing.

Petti/Underskirt -->

Both by chucks_bitch. Nothing terribly exciting =X.

Bonus photos!

For anyone intersted in detail shots:

Detail shot of the bust/collar of the purple baby OP.

Detail shot of the collar/sleeve of the Baby blouse.

And some shite-ey webcam pics of me in the baby dresses (I was excited and lacking in someone to hold a digicam >_>;;)... Warnings: no make-up, didn't touch my hair, not wearing bloomers/tights/shoes ect.

Purple OP and baby blouse~

Pink tartan Baby JSK... Makes me look like I have more boobs than I do (lawl).
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