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Moneybookers question

Ok. So here is my situation. I have Paypal but I can only send money, I can't receive it (like everyone else in my country >_<). That brings a lot of problems to me if I want to sell something. That leaves me only with money order (slow) and bank transfer (expensive). So I heard about Moneybookers and then informed myself a bit about it. It is somehow similar to Paypal and with them I can receive and send money. I would use it only for receiving. It also has very small fees like Paypal - sending money costs 1% of the amount sent and receiving money is completely free. That is great. So I want to see how many of you know about Moneybookers, do you think it's a good service and should I use it, do you use it and would you use it (register) if I have some item that you want (because it is definitely quicker then money order and really cheap - you can count that fee for sending in the price of the item that you are paying - it is really a small fee so it doesn't matter to me). So what do you think? Should I try it? How many of you are already using it?
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