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Advice on sewing patterns needed pleasums! :)

My latest project in sewing at school is to make a complex tailored garment so I am seriously comtemplating making a coat. After all it is quite chilly [actually damn freezing] here right now!

I have chosen 2 of what I think are loliable patterns, which are shown below:

Which of the two patterns do you like best? I was basing the 1st pattern loosly on this Baby dress:

If I used either of these patterns, what structural changes would I need to make to the pattern pieces to lolify the coat? 
Where would I add ribbon and lace?

I also have this pattern lying around my sewing room which I will use for my prom/ball gown next year when I leave college. [NZ college..I will be 17 next year]

Would this [with the neckline altered of course, and straps added] have any JSK potential? 

How would I reshape the pattern of the dress so that the skirt part has more of a 'bell shape'? Descriptions or a diagram would be appreciated!

Sorry for the huuuge post, I'm new to loli fashion and feel a little I'd love your advice! ^_^


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