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Pretty kitty

Menlo Park (New Jersey) loli mini-meetup!

Well, I was exempt from exams on Tuesday, so I took this chance to meet up with the lolis in my area. Since the mall is not ravaged with middle/high schoolers on Tuesday, tokyosheart and I decided to meet up with marthaness. I must say, I'm glad we did meet her. She's so sweet!

Onto the pictures!

Actually, around 1:45ish, the school kids start rolling in. tokyosheart and I got so many stares followed by giggles or pointing! Despite that, we were very confident :D.
15 minutes later marthaness comes along, with her wonderful entrance. It must be cool to have the elevator all to yourself.

After the greetings and the handshakes, we headed to Club Libby Lu.

You can't beat our crown couch!
It's tokyosheart, me, and marthaness!

Now it's time to play with the glittery fairy poof.

It spits up fairy dust!

I fail at looking threatening XD.

This is the most classy way to make a mess with glitter.

Next stop...

Here we are in Build-a-Bear! Where best friends are first met when they're floppy.

The store clerk was very nice. She even took a picture of us to keep for herself.

Now, just because it's trendy...

Poodle pen. Vandalizing your food court advertisements since forever!

We got many postive reactions from random people. Some girl that approached us even knew what lolita fashion was! Also, some random lady in the bathroom stopped me to ask where I got my shoes in a scary way. After a short conversation, she said I was very sweet. Oh, there was also a conversation topic about the most violent/strange song I sang in youth group. Then we made up our own verse. Now, you can tell that we had fun. :D

This is the end of it! Also, archfaith, we're gonna sneak up on you at work next time! ...or you can come along next time.
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