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Brand Prices Overseas? + Brand in HK? + Picture request ^^;

I did a LJSeek but didn't really find anything particularly useful, so I apologise in advance if these questions have been asked before. >__<

Does anyone know whether the overseas brand stores have higher prices than the ones back in Japan? I would assume they do 'cause of shipping etc, but could anyone confirm it for me, please? :D Is the price difference significant? Also, how is the stock availability/variety in the overseas stores? I would like to know specifically about the Victorian Maiden in Hong Kong but it would be nice to know how it is across the board too, such as the BTSSB stores in Taiwan and Paris~ :D

My second question is, what brands have stores in Hong Kong? I know there's a VM there, as well as Sex Pot Revenge but are there more? I read in the comments from a few past posts that there seems to be a store that brings in BTSSB in Causeway Bay? Addresses/directions would be really useful. ^^

Lastly... Would anyone happen to have the stock photos of the Titania Mini OP from Victorian Maiden? I can't quite remember when it was released though, sadly.

And if it's not too much, did VM have more coordinate examples for the Bridget OP other than this one? ^^;;; I tried the wayback machine and this is the only one I could find~

Thanks so much egl~ ♥

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