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First things first, I keep contact at a minimum. This is just my style. I don't always reply right away to emails, although I do my best to keep on top of them and you'll usually get a reply in the same day. I work a job and run a business and just...have a life, so I am busy. If this bothers you, please don't participate.
Please make sure you read everything correctly, I am doing this as a favour to everyone, I don't need to do this. So please make sure you read everything carefully and correctly. If your question was already answered in the previous post, then I will simply not answer it. The deadline is right away, so I don't have time to explain things that were already clearly explained. If you are really confused, you can contact me through MSN at

The cut off date is Wednesday the 20th of June! I will not accept anything after MIDNIGHT North American Mountain Time! This will be the last date to add/change any orders, although you can still cancel up until payment must be made. No exceptions will be made. If you need to make any changes, please make sure they are done by then because if not, your only option will be to continue as is or cancel!

I will be sending out email/paypal invoices soon, it will not include shipping costs. When the items arrive, both shipping costs (from China to me, and from me to you) will need to be paid. I cannot estimate costs from me to you if you are ordering larger items or a large amount since I won't know the weight until it arrives. You will probably not receive an invoice until next week...I am hoping to place the orders next week and pay for them within the following week.

I am charged Paypal fees no matter what method you use, because of the type of account I have.
I am not willing to take a loss, when you add in how many people are ordering it is a lot of money I will lose, so the fee that is charged for the first payment will be added on to the second payment that must be made for the shipping costs. Then I will know what percentage you are charged since it can depend on your location.

If you are Canadian, I would prefer payment through Email Interac Transfer, since this has no fees on my end.

If you have any questions, please email me at It seems that I don't receive all the comments to my inbox or something...So please email if you want to ensure you get a reply since I don't check back to the posts every day.
I won't be answering any comments left on the old post. You must email me or ask here...It's just too much to keep up with.

I CANNOT GIVE SHIPPING QUOTES FROM MY LOCATION TO YOURS. I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO THIS UNTIL I RECEIVE THE ITEMS SINCE THEY MUST BE WEIGHED, SO PLEASE DO NOT ASK THIS! To give you an idea though, it is $7 to ship a blouse to the US, $8 to UK. I mainly ship through Airmail which will include insurance, but not a tracking number. I ONLY ship through Canada Post since I live in a small town and that's all that's available to me.

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